Man arrested after exposing corruption on Facebook

By Lam Le   March 24, 2016 | 02:01 am PT
After Tran Minh Loi posted evidence of a police officer accepting a VND60 million ($2,700) bribe on Facebook, he was arrested for cooperating with those handing over the money.

Dak Nong provincial police arrested Loi, 48, on March 22 in Cu Kuin district in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Deputy Director of Dak Lak Public Security Colonel Luong Ngoc Lep said Loi was suspected of being an accomplice in the bribing of a Dak Mil district police officer.

Loi has also been accused of profiting from helping people point the finger at authorities for their wrongdoings.

On January 15, Dak Mil police arrested six people for gambling in Thuan An commune. Sub-lieutenant Lanh Thanh Binh then contacted their families, hinting they would be released in return for a cash payment. One of the gamblers’ relatives contacted Loi to help bring the matter to light.

Loi arrested by the police. Photo by Kh.Uyen

Loi arrested by the police. Photo by Kh.Uyen

The families gathered VND60 million and recorded Binh accepting the bribe. Loi then posted the footage online on the “Anti internal invaders” Facebook account he manages, and where he has previously posted evidence of corruption by authorities in Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces.

The police officer, Binh, was stripped of a title known as "People's Policeman" and charged with abuse of power for personal gain. Huynh Cao Tri, 38, Nguyen Xuan An, 31, Truong Thi Lan, 47, and Nguyen Thi Ti, 56, have also been charged with bribing Binh.

Dak Nong Police has also suspended two other Dak Mil police officers who had some involvement in the case.

According to article 364 of the Criminal Code, giving bribes worth from VND2 million to under VND100 million may result in a VND20 million to VND200 million fine, non-custodial reparation order of up to three years or a prison sentence from six months to three years. 

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