Lumière riverside - When luxury meets green living

By Anh Nguyen   February 3, 2021 | 06:00 pm PT
Lumière riverside features leafscape design aesthetically embedded in a project in Thao Dien neighborhood.

Nature is the inspiration for many impressive architectural works. One of them is Lumière riverside - a luxury apartment project that won the award for the best high-rise architectural design in Vietnam at the Asia Property Awards 2020. The project is inspired by leaf venation, to encourage future residents to have lifestyles close to nature.

Design inspiration from green living

Lumière riverside is located in the remaining rare prime location of Thao Dien Ward, in District 2 of HCMC. According to Atkins’s architects - the project’s design consultant partners, the location inspired the design. Christian Dierckxsens - Senior Vice President, Atkins’s Landscape Architecture in Asia Pacific, said District 2 is surrounded by the Saigon River with a large green area that is tranquil, relaxing, and has an elegant beauty. The area has long been known to have high living standards. This is also an area that attracts young intellectuals and expatriates who have healthy lifestyles, attracting services such as organic food stores, restaurants using natural ingredients, gyms, yoga studios.

Such lifestyles are the inspiration for the design of Lumière riverside - a green oasis in the heart of the city, original architecture inspired by nature, said Dierckxsens.

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Green and organic living has become a worldwide trend. According to a study by the Southern Cross University in 2019, 77 percent of American and Australian citizens of multiple generations want to learn about greener and more sustainable lifestyles. This is a trend highly valued by communities due to many scientifically proven benefits regarding the environment and health.

A study just published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that people living in greener areas, with more vegetation around them, are generally healthier. Thus, there is an increasing need for greener living, eating cleaner and natural foods , having more exposure to plants and nature, in order to have higher living standards.

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Understanding the powerful movement of the green living trend, Atkins and Masterise Homes’s architects have taken that inspiration to Lumière Riverside's design to create original architecture from the images of leaf venation.

From the hanging gardens, to the landscape and interiors of the project, you will see the leafscape throughout the project, either clearly in front of your eyes or subtly hidden in the design details, Youssef Akila, Design Director of Masterise Homes, said.

Architectural language elevates lifestyle

With modern and aesthetic design language, the architects have cleverly integrated leafscape images into the project’s interiors and landscape details. When viewed from above, the project’s master plan simulates the image of mint leafscape with diverse and transparent polygonal pieces, bringing a new visual experience to residents, - in every small corner of the project.

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Images of leafscape are also maintained throughout the décor in the project's landscape and interiors The leafscape concept can be found through the arrangement of polygonal pave stones alternating with freshly green grass patches. The lobby roof is also stylized with a strong twisted leafscape design, creating a sense of solidity and elegance with natural wood finishing. Water flowing from the waterfall down to the infinity swimming pool also follows a sculpted leafscape designed path. Even the pool's water surface reflects a mint-leafscape of polygons with vivid shades of color.

Bringing nature into luxurious living space

The architects have looked to extend greenery throughout the project. Green spaces include vertical hanging gardens with an estimated area of about 7,000 square meters enclosing the tower block, a 5,000-square-meter green tropical garden, Zen gardens scattered throughout the lobbies, and pockets of greenery around common areas such as the swimming pools and pathways. This creates a lush, green respite in the midst of a bustling city, an exquisite living experience where luxury and elegance harmonizes and balances with the relaxing green space.

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According to Akila, luxurious lifestyles can be symbolized by different colors. "Our project has chosen the green color of nature and organic healthy lifestyles.

What the residents will experience should be the sense of energy renewal from nature, relaxation in tranquility in the midst of the city - a green, luxurious, elegant space."

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