Six priority sectors for ODA effective since May

By Ba Do   May 1, 2016 | 12:57 am PT
Among new regulations coming into effect in May are six priority sectors for receipt of ODA and cases liable for administrative detention of foreign nationals.

Six priority sectors for receipt of ODA and preferential loans

From May 2, the following sectors will be prioritized to receive official development assistance (ODA) and preferential loans: socio-economic infrastructure; socio-economic development policy and strengthening state administration institutions; labor force development; science research and technology development; environmental protection, climate change response and green growth; state invested public private partnerships; and other as decided by the Prime Minister.

Additional cases for administrative detention of foreign nationals

Since May 5, foreign nationals may face administrative detention only for the following violations: disruption of public order; injuring others; when it’s urgent to stop smuggling and cross border transportation of goods if the violator shows signs of escape, destroying material evidence, transport vehicle, and thus impedes investigation; and international trade of banned goods.

Digitalization of all decisions on administrative fines

Starting May 15, the National Database on processing administrative violations will update information on decisions to impose administrative fines to include: fined individual; decision’s date; violation; fine description; remedial measure (if any); and the deciding agency.

The database will also provide information on the execution and application of administrative fines; and how to apply supervisory measures in a family.

Maximum one liter of liquids allowed on board of international flights

International flight passengers and crew may bring a maximum of one liter of liquids in their carry-on luggage. Liquid containers shall store no more than 100 ml each.

The rule does not apply to medicine, milk and food for babies and special needs children; and medical drugs with a prescription specifying name and address of prescriber, where the patient’s name also matches the passenger.

Liquids bought at restricted international departure areas may be brought onboard in carry-on luggage without a limit on volume on the condition that it’s placed in a concealed plastic security bag.

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