Japan arrests suspect after Vietnamese woman's death in Osaka

By Viet Anh   April 7, 2022 | 11:11 pm PT
Japan arrests suspect after Vietnamese woman's death in Osaka
A screenshot from a Fukushima Central Television program shows Toshiie Yamaguchi, the suspect in the murder of a Vietnamese woman in Osaka, Japan.
Japanese police Thursday arrested Toshiie Yamaguchi, 59, on suspicion of murdering a Vietnamese woman in a robbery attempt.

Yamaguchi made an appointment to meet the victim, Vo Thi Le Quyen, 31, to borrow money but was refused, so he killed and robbed her before hiding the body.

The incident was discovered when the owner of a lunch box shop on the first floor of a building in Yodogawa District, Osaka City, where Quyen worked part-time, informed the police about her disappearance.

Checking the security cameras at the store, police found that on the morning of April 3, Quyen had gone out with Yamaguchi, who lives in an apartment on the second floor of the building.

When they went to Yamaguchi's room on the evening of April 3, police found him unconscious with a stab wound in his neck, so they brought him to the hospital for emergency treatment. However, at that time, the police had not found the body of Quyen.

The next morning, police discovered the victim's body at the scene. The autopsy results showed that Quyen was murdered.

The police are continuing to investigate and clarify Yamaguchi's murder motive.

The Vietnam's Consulate General in Osaka is coordinating with the victim's family and Japanese authorities to carry out the necessary procedures and continues to closely follow the police investigation process to understand the situation, Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Japanese police had handed over the body of Quyen to monk Thich Duc Tri, abbot of Kobe Hoa Lac Temple in Kobe, Hyogo Province, to take care of the aftermath according to her family's wishes.

Thich Duc Tri said the temple would coordinate with Quyen's family to organize her funeral on April 8 and 9. After being cremated, her remains will be kept at Hoa Lac Kobe Temple before being sent to Vietnam.

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