Japan accounts for major share of Vietnamese guest workers in 2024

By Hong Chieu   June 21, 2024 | 05:13 pm PT
Japan accounts for major share of Vietnamese guest workers in 2024
Vietnamese workers at a factory in Japan. Photo by Thai De
Some 40,600 of the 70,000 guest workers who went abroad in the first six months of the year headed for Japan, according to the Department of Overseas Labor.

Pham Viet Huong, deputy director of the department, said Taiwan was next, accepting more than 27,300 Vietnamese workers, followed by South Korea (5,500) and China (1,081).

Japan has been accepting Vietnamese workers for over 30 years in various fields for periods ranging from three to five years.

A week ago, Vietnam and Japan agreed to increase the number of Vietnamese caregivers in Japan. They plan to send 40 caregivers this year and 500 over the next five years. The new agreement expands both the recruitment pool and the eligibility criteria for sending workers, as Japan aims to boost the number of guest workers in its hospitals.

Huong said in future his agency would look for new markets for guest workers, including in Europe, where they would enjoy good working conditions and incomes.

Many countries there now have demand for guest workers, especially in agriculture.

More than 600,000 Vietnamese workers are currently employed in 50 countries and territories and remit around US$4 billion home each year through official channels.

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