Internet in Vietnam to resume full speed on Tuesday

By Bao Anh   September 18, 2016 | 07:22 pm PT
Internet in Vietnam to resume full speed on Tuesday
The AAG cable has ruptured many times in recent years. Photo by VnExpress
Maintenance is almost finished but workers need an extra day to have the erratic AAG network up and running again.

Internet in Vietnam is expected to return to full speed on Tuesday morning as maintenance work is about to complete.

The Asia America Gateway (AAG) cable system had its scheduled maintenance on Thursday, which has affected internet access since.

A source said all repair work was finished at around 4 a.m. Monday as planned, but an extra day is now needed to bury the cable back under the seabed.

The AAG, a major submarine cable that connects Vietnam with the world, ruptured constantly. This year alone, it snapped three times in March, June and August, disrupting outbound internet traffic.

Vietnam has four submarine cable systems. The AAG went online in November 2009 stretching over 20,000 kilometers. It connects Southeast Asia to the U.S. across the Pacific Ocean, via Guam and Hawaii.

The line ruptured three times last year and went down twice in 2014.

Local telecom companies have been investing in new alternative systems to ease their reliance on the AAG. The new networks are expected to be completed soon, according to media reports.

Nearly 49 million people, more than half of Vietnam’s population of 90 million, were online as of June 30, according to statistics compiled by Internet World Stats.

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