Int'l conference to equip students for global citizenship

By Phong Van    July 28, 2022 | 05:00 am PT
A conference titled "Exploring Boundaries of Global Citizenship" will take place from July 29 to 30 at FPT Tower at 10 Pham Van Bach Street, Hanoi.

"Global citizenship education is important for the youth to build up a solid foundation on knowledge, skills and values in an international working environment," said Dr. Marisha McAuliffe, director of Student Support at Swinburne Vietnam, and representative of the organizing committee of the Exploring Boundaries of Global Citizenship" (EBGC) conference.

For UNESCO, global citizenship education (GCE) develops the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes learners need to build a more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure and sustainable world.

"In Vietnam, even educators, young people working in global citizenship competence programs have not fully understood this global mindset," he added.

he conference aims to improve understanding among global citizens

The conference aims to equip students for global citizenship. Photo by Swinburne Vietnam

EBGC will focus on the guidance role of universities, equipping students with skills to adapt to a globalized and fast-changing working environment. The event will gather educators, academic researchers, strategic planners and international students to discuss and share perspectives and new research. A discussion session will be hosted by Swinburne Vietnam students.

The conference aims to improve understanding among global citizens; the importance of global citizenship education; and discuss some issues on training activities in global citizenship education.

Representatives from UNESCO Vietnam, UN Women, World Bank, New Zealand Embassy, Australia Embassy, Ministry of Education and Training as well as other international and local universities will attend the event.

Other topics to be discussed include digital fluency, resilience, culture exchanges, creativity... with diverse research on a global setting.

Admission will be free.

Register and join the conference here.

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