Indonesia revises strategy to block pornographic content on social media platform X

By VNA   June 27, 2024 | 09:19 pm PT
The Indonesian government has scrapped its plan to block the social media platform X under policies concerning pornographic content, opting instead for employing firewalls and a removal mechanism.

At a press conference on Thursday, Usman Kansong, the director general of public information and communications at the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information, announced that the platform X will not be banned. However, to prevent pornographic content from being displayed, the country will implement firewalls and a content removal mechanism.

Usman elaborated that the mechanism entails deleting pornographic content from social media platforms, while the firewall system is designed to block access to undesirable content.

Previously, the government had stated that it would block access to X in Indonesia if the platform continued to permit such content.

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