Hospitality industry to be a fount of jobs

By Phuong Nguyen   January 27, 2019 | 06:10 pm PT
Vietnam’s rapid tourism growth signals huge potential for employment in the hospitality industry.

The country received 15.4 million foreign arrivals in 2018, up 19.9 percent year-on-year, according to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT).

This set a new record for Vietnam's tourism. It is expected to have 18-20 million foreign visitors and 82 million domestic tourists in 2020.

"The substantial growth in tourism is tied to a huge potential for employment in hospitality industry," Dr Hank Duyverman, dean and director of academic development, Pegasus International College, tells VnExpress.

Vietnams rapid tourism growth signals huge potential for employment in the hospitality industry.

Vietnam’s rapid tourism growth signals huge potential for employment in the hospitality industry.

What are the key segments of the hospitality industry?

There are three main streams in the hospitality industry. Number one is food and beverage. It is the largest element of the hospitality industry and can take the form of high-end restaurants, fast-food eateries, catering establishments, and many others. Number two is accommodation: Hotels, bed and breakfast enterprises and other places offering lodging. They represent a broad segment of the hospitality industry.

The last one is travel and tourism. Another major segment of the hospitality business encompasses transportation. This includes airlines, trains, cruise ships, and the personnel for each. Flight attendants and cruise staff function as food servers and hoteliers in their effort to provide food and drink and a comfortable and unforgettable experience. Business travelers and vacationers alike are customers for this area of hospitality.

What do you think about the local labor force for this industry in recent years?

Nationally, the sector requires 40,000 workers, but the number of graduates from tourism schools is estimated at just around 15,000, of whom graduates from universities and colleges account for only 12 per cent, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Many students who have a bachelor’s or college degree still need further training in soft skills and foreign languages.

These figures show that the tourism industry faces a severe shortage of qualified workers, and this is not just in managerial positions but also tour guides, front office workers, housekeepers, and bartenders.

What are the job opportunities available in this industry?

Strong growth in tourism has led to a higher demand for human resources in the hospitality industry than ever before. In recent years hospitality has always been in the top three most desirable human resources sectors. The monthly income for managers in hotels can range from VND15 - 45 million ($647 - 1,940) depending on the scale of the hotel.

There are many job opportunities in hotels and restaurants not only in Vietnam but also in other countries around the world for those who study hospitality management, including food and beverages, front office, housekeeping and bar services.

What characteristics are required to work in the hospitality industry?

Various characteristics are required for working in a hospitality industry. It depends on the area that you choose. In general, these range from soft skills such as organization, communication and teamwork to more technical skills such as serving, revenue management, accounting, and facilities management.

Besides that, probably the most important aspect is that you – literally – take care of people. My experience tells me it takes empathy and commitment to put another person’s needs and desires ahead of your own – while keeping a smile on your face.

Pegasus provides high-quality competency-based education with practical components.

Pegasus provides high-quality competency-based education with practical components.

For students whoever completes high school and has a passion for this industry can apply for the Pegasus International College course without any further requirements.

In the course, students will be trained to be fully developed with industry competencies, including proficiency in English.

Pegasus International College is part of the KinderWorld International Group, a Singaporean company with a presence in Vietnam since 2000. The college is the first international institute for hotel management and culinary arts and a major provider of further educational pathways for students beyond high school.

Pegasus provides high-quality competency-based education with practical components. The curriculum is based on the Australian Qualifications Framework and is accepted in the U.K., U.S., Canada, and, of course, Australia and other countries that have a similar framework. Pegasus Scholarship programs are designed to encourage and support outstanding students who work hard and have a financial need.

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