Ho Chi Minh City needs 400 new street names

By VnExpress   November 10, 2016 | 01:19 am PT
Ho Chi Minh City needs 400 new street names
Kha Van Can Street is named after Vietnam's former Minister of Light Industry. His correct name is Kha Vang Can. Photo by VnExpress/H.C.
Otherwise, taxi drivers will have a tough time finding their customers.

Ho Chi Minh City authorities are considering a plan to officially rename about 400 streets that are either wrong or duplicate names.

The plan, developed by the city’s Urban Research and Development Center (URDC), is part of a citywide project to rename city streets and public places.

Nguyen Thi Thu, deputy chairwoman of HCMC, said that the project aims to reduce confusion in the city, and is part of a broader plan to establish a clear address system for the southern hub.

According to URDC’s research, HCMC currently has 1,774 streets that are referred to by unofficial names, and about 400 that have duplicate or meaningless names.

However, the city is running out of choices for street names, which are usually named after famous Vietnamese historical figures or places.

The research team pointed out the names of 16 famous people have been used for over 50 different streets.

Other cases involve duplicate names and “not so appealing” names such as Kenh Nuoc Den, which literally means “black canal”.

The team suggested altering the names of those streets or adding signs to reduce confusion for residents and visitors and, at times, make navigation less troublesome for the city's emergency services.

Deputy chairwoman Thu said that some street names will be altered or extra information will added to signs so that people can recognize them more easily.

Thu has also asked the research agency and other related units to come up with a list of new street names.

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