HCMC girl dies from possible abuse

By Quoc Thang   December 25, 2021 | 03:15 am PT
An eight-year-old girl in Ho Chi Minh City recently died after suffering suspected physical abuse perpetrated by a family member, police said Saturday.

The little girl lived with her father and his fiancee, 26, at an apartment in Binh Thanh District. On Wednesday, the girl was taken to a local hospital when her heart stopped and with multiple wounds to her body.

The girl was later determined to have died before she reached the hospital. Her wounds and bruises later led doctors to contact the police.

Police stated the wounds were signs of beating. Multiple witnesses and those involved in the case were summoned, including the father's fiancee, to assist with the investigation.

At the girl's home, police found broken brooms and objects, as well as signs the girl was beaten and forced to do housework. Neighbors of the family said they had heard the girl cry multiple times.

The father's fiancee is now the prime suspect. She has been arrested by the police, with her identity yet to be announced.

Children receiving punishments from family members is common in Vietnam. According to a UNICEF survey, more than 68 percent of children aged 1-14 in Vietnam have been victims of violent actions from their parents or caretakers.

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