Hanoi to become the city of a million trees by 2020

By Vo Hai   July 19, 2016 | 02:32 am PT
Hanoi’s top leader is determined to turn the city into a green living space.

Hanoi is expected to plant 200,000 new trees each year to reach its ambitious target to become the city of a million trees in the next four years.

The city has already planted some 300 “red flame” saplings along road dividers in a step towards the target of reaching one million trees. However, Hanoians have had mixed opinions about the plan.

Many are concerned that the Royal Poinciana trees, known as red flame trees or flamboyant trees, only produce flowers and leaves during the summer. That means for the rest of the year, thousands of bare flamboyant trees will not provide a beautiful display of flowers or offer shade.

The city’s top leader quickly talked down these objections.

“I assure you that 98 percent of the trees that have been planted this summer will grow healthily all year round,” Nguyen Duc Chung, chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee, said at a meeting with local people in Hoan Kiem District on Monday.

“Hanoi is applying a technique that makes the trees bloom throughout the year,” Chung said, adding that it would make flamboyant trees in Hanoi stand out and look different from those in other cities.

The city’s mayor, also the mastermind behind the one million-tree plan, referred to the fact that Hanoi has sent at least 30 staff and officials to China to learn new growing techniques.

The city has also ordered high-tech and equipment to prune the trees to ensure that the roots and branches spread evenly and offer shade and colorful flower displays to brighten up the city.

Hanoi currently has around 116 green spaces, and plans to develop 25 new public open spaces in the years to come.

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