Hanoi’s etiquette code for civil servants bans tattoos, ‘improper’ fragrances

By Vo Hai   December 23, 2016 | 10:51 pm PT
The code, scheduled to take effect soon, also requires public servants to dress and talk nicely.

The capital city of Hanoi has completed a draft of new etiquette rules for civil servants, ranging from office dress codes to the use of fragrances.

Also among the highlights is a ban on tattoos.

To Van Dong, who heads Hanoi’s culture department, said the rules are expected to be approved and take effect on January 1.

It is not immediately clear how these rules will be policed.

There are no details regarding the definition of so-called “improper” perfumes or colognes that should be avoided, or if only visible tattoos are prohibited.

The etiquette code also requires public servants to dress well and be polite when communicating with the public, which might appear as basic requirements but somehow still need to be written into rules.

Dong reaffirmed that this should be viewed more as a guide than a legal document and that the guidelines for expected behavior will help improve the image of the public service sector.

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