Penis enlargement backfires

By Minh An   December 29, 2022 | 04:03 am PT
Penis enlargement backfires
A syringe. Illustration photo by Pixabay
A man in Hanoi was hospitalized after his penis enlargement surgery went dreadfully wrong.

The patient was insecure due to the small size of his penis, so he turned to silicone injections to make it appear larger. However, a month after the injection, his genitalia began to hurt, and was bruised and he found it difficult to achieve erection, doctor Nguyen Van Duc of the Saint Paul general hospital said Thursday.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the patient’s genitalia was swollen and necrotized. Doctors decided to remove the silicone and performed reconstructive surgery for the patient’s penis.

Doctors said there are different ways to increase the size of the penis, but all techniques need to be done at safe medical facilities and by skilled doctors. Attempting silicone injections by oneself can lead to consequences like pain, erectile dysfunction and difficulties during sexual intercourse. Severe cases may even result in amputation and infertility, doctors warned.

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