Hanoi kindergarten fires teachers for beating crying children

By Hoang Phuong - Pham Du   February 5, 2017 | 07:37 pm PT
Hanoi kindergarten fires teachers for beating crying children
Footage from an online video shows two teachers hitting their students at a nursery in Hanoi.
Their acts were caught on film by a colleague, who surprisingly did not intervene.

A private nursery school in Hanoi has fired two teachers after an online video showed them hitting children in the head with various objects including a slipper.

The two-minute video showed the teachers screaming at the children to stop crying. One was seen kneeing a child in the stomach.

It was posted on Sunday, but according to the school in Hai Ba Trung District, it was filmed around a month ago by another teacher.

Both female teachers in the video, 22 and 23, have been fired. One of them said the child was crying a lot and: “I could not control myself”.

Hanoi’s education department is going to look into the case and impose necessary punishments.

Child beatings at nursery schools in Vietnam are not uncommon. While most teachers receive criticism for their violence, some members of the public also express sympathy for their stressful jobs and suggest better payment and training.

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