Hanoi, HCMC mandate self-isolation for people from Hai Duong outbreak areas

By Thuy Quynh, Thu Anh   March 3, 2021 | 04:30 am PT
Hanoi, HCMC mandate self-isolation for people from Hai Duong outbreak areas
A medical worker holds a tray of samples for Covid-19 testing in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Giang Huy.
Those entering Hanoi and HCMC from areas in Hai Duong experiencing Covid-19 outbreaks starting Wednesday must self-isolate for 14 days, the cities requested.

The Hanoi Health Department required people entering Hanoi from Hai Duong Town (the capital city of Hai Duong Province), Kim Mon Town, Kim Thanh and Cam Giang Districts to isolate themselves at home.

They also have to medically declare themselves and install Covid-19 contact tracing apps like Bluezone or NCOVI. Those who tested negative for the novel coronavirus within three days before leaving Hai Duong would not have to isolate themselves, it added.

Though Ho Chi Minh City no longer isolates those entering the city from Hai Duong at centralized quarantine zones, people coming from 16 Hai Duong locations where Covid-19 patients were recorded in the latest outbreak must still self-isolate, according to the HCMC Center for Disease Control (HCDC).

The 16 locations are Cong Hoa Ward, Van Duc Ward, Sao Do Town, An Lac Commune, Hung Dao Commune, Nam Tran Commune, Lai Cach Town, Tan Truong Commune, Cam Dien Commune, Luong Dien Commune, Thanh Binh Ward, Nhi Chau Ward, Kim Lien Commune, Kim Dinh Commune, Ke Sat Town and Thanh Lang Commune.

Northern Hai Duong Province, the epicenter of a recent coronavirus wave in Vietnam with 684 cases, ended 15 days of province-wide social distancing Wednesday.

But over 900 Covid-19 checkpoints were still active in the province, while certain areas with coronavirus outbreaks are still under lockdown, including Kim Dinh Commune with a population of over 7,400.

Vietnam has recorded 2,475 Covid-19 cases so far, with 538 still active.

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