Hanoi girl, 12, raped by mother's boyfriend, abused by mother

By Minh Minh   February 19, 2021 | 09:01 pm PT
Hanoi girl, 12, raped by mother's boyfriend, abused by mother
A 12-year-old girl in Hanoi shows her back that is full of bruises allegedly caused by her mother's beating, January 2021. Photo provided by her relatives via Tien Phong.
The Hanoi police are investigating the reported sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl by her mother’s boyfriend and frequent violent treatment by her mother.

An uncle of the girl, who lives in Ha Cau Ward in Ha Dong District, reported to the police late last month after finding her covered in injuries.

The girl told the police her parents had divorced several years ago, and she lived with her mother while her older sister lived with their father.

Her mother got into other relationships and had two more children.

As the oldest, she frequently had to skip school to stay home and look after her younger siblings, and would be beaten by her mother if she did not.

Recently her mother got a new boyfriend who visited their home, sexually abused her often and warned her with threats not to reveal it to anyone.

"He first forced me to do that in May 2020 when I was a fifth grader. If I fought back, he would hit me with an iron rod," Vietnam Cable Television (VTC) News quoted her as saying.

After months of rape, she finally told her mother only to be battered by her.

"She tied me up and hit me. I begged her to stop but she refused. She said she hit me because I had not told her what had happened sooner."

One of her uncles accidentally found out the case a month ago and took her home. She has been staying with another uncle ever since, and her father has been informed.

UPDATE: The mother Hoang Thi Minh Huyen and her boyfriend Pham Thanh Tung have been put under probe. Tung, 31, was detained Sunday facing rape charges while Huyen, 34, faces charges of torturing one's child.

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