Hanoi doctors successfully reattach penis, testicles

By Phuong Trang   November 24, 2016 | 11:17 pm PT
Surgeons spent 10 hours re-attaching the penis and testicles of a 26-year old man.

Doctors at the Vietnam-Germany Hospital in Hanoi successfully reattached the penis and testicles of a mentally ill man who castrated himself during a hysterical episode.

It took doctors at one of Vietnam's most prominent hospitals 10 hours to complete the operation on the unnamed 26-year-old patient.

The patient's intimate organs reportedly hadn't been ideally preserved during the roughly 10 hours that they were separated from his body.

As a result, Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha, the head of the hospital's Facial Surgery - Reconstruction Department described the job as exceptionally complicated.

"Since the patient is still quite young we decided to reattach his manhood even though we knew it would be very difficult," Ha told reporters.

The hospital discharged the patient three weeks after the completion of the procedure. A month later, the patient had achieved full-functionality and showed good signs of recovery. 

Doctors say they'll keep a close eye on him in the long-term.

According to international reports, most cases like this weaken a patient's bodily functions.

Only about five testicular transplants have successfully been recognized the world over. 

This represents the first such success in Vietnam's history.

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