Germany denies visa for Vietnam's new passports over lack of birthplace info

By Nguyen Tien   July 27, 2022 | 08:05 pm PT
Germany denies visa for Vietnam's new passports over lack of birthplace info
The new Vietnamese passport which comes into effect July 1, 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Nick M.
The German Embassy said it cannot grant visa to holders of Vietnam's new passports as they lack the information of one's place of birth, making it difficult for verification.

Vietnam's new passports, which began issuance since July 1, have not been recognized in Germany yet and their holders cannot apply for visa as the passports lack information regarding places of birth, the German Embassy in Vietnam said Thursday.

"Information about places of birth can only be determined through personal identification numbers, which have 12 numbers, and have to be cross-checked with a list spanning seven pages," the embassy said, adding that the identity of a passport holder cannot be properly identified without their places of birth, especially for people with the same names.

German authorities cannot find information regarding places of birth based solely on a person's personal identification numbers as shown on their passports, it added. It means German authorities would need to verify one's identity manually with a list, and not everyone has the list.

A representative of the immigration department under the Ministry of Public Security on Thursday said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would discuss the issue further with representatives from Germany.

According to a Wednesday announcement on the website of the German Embassy in Vietnam, holders of Vietnam’s new passports, with dark blue cover instead of the traditional green ones, will not be able to apply for a C or D visa to enter Germany.

German authorities also warned that holders of the new passports who’ve already been granted visa shouldn’t come to Germany as they might be denied entry at the border.

Countries in the Schengen Area that grant short-term visa for holders of Vietnam’s new passports must exclude Germany out of the visa’s effect. These holders also can neither enter nor transit through Germany. However, those with resident permits for the Schengen Area would not be affected by the restriction.

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