News - March 3, 2022 | 06:45 pm PT

On the afternoon of January 24, Former German Vice-Chancellor Dr. Philipp Rösler landed at Can Tho airport, a stop on his repatriation journey. For the first time, he felt the bustling atmosphere of the days leading up to the Lunar New Year. This was much different from his first visit to Vietnam 16 years ago. Turning 49 years old this year, and even with deep roots in Vietnam he has never had the chance to celebrate Vietnamese New Year in his homeland. This was a very special experience.

From Can Tho, the Former Vice-Chancellor traveled to Soc Trang province to visit the Soc Trang Providence Convent where he was raised by the Sisters for his first nine months before being adopted by a German family.

Until now, he still hasn't known any information about his birth parents. Rösler, however, did not suffer from the absence of parental care. He once said that one of the greatest blessings in his life was growing up with the warm love of his adoptive parents.

Philipp grew up in a well-educated family, proned to become a soldier like his adoptive father and committed to excellence in all his endeavors. With great ability and determination, Rösler became a doctor and was the first Cabinet Minister and Vice-Chancellor of Asian descent in Germany.

Visiting the orphans in Soc Trang reminded Philipp of his humble orphan beginnings long ago. Seeing the children's eagerness, excitement, and smiles when they received colorful Tet gifts, Philipp knew he had to do more for those children. As a doctor, Philipp believes that, regardless of circumstances, children can develop and contribute to society. To do that requires the whole community, philanthropic organizations, businesses, and the government to join hands. This is why Dr. Philipp Rösler is proud of Vietnamese cultural values that have been preserved through generations, especially the tradition of helping the disadvantaged. Orphans, in particular, are always a top priority, as they need both material and psychological support.

Rösler has collaborated with VinaCapital Foundation and Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union to spread the message of the program "Care to Rise" widely to the world. Since November 2021, VinaCapital Foundation and Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union have implemented the Care to Rise program to provide for, protect and encourage more than 2,400 orphans until adulthood through scientific individual assessment, short-term and mid-term remedies, and long-term pathways for health and success to adulthood.

In the Care to Rise program, the children are individually assessed in person to understand what is essential for their development. Then, each child will be provided with a unique long-term plan of action, which prioritizes physical and emotional health issues with simultaneous assistance for nutrition and educational needs including tutoring and communications devices.

"It is an honor for VinaCapital Foundation to collaborate with Dr. Philipp Rösler in the Care to Rise program supporting our disadvantaged orphan children impacted as a result of Covid-19. Dr. Rösler's assistance will enable us to reach out to the global community in a more effective way to call for help and deliver the best support for each of these children," states Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation.

As the program's International Chairman, since January 26, Rösler has fostered awareness and support from the international community for orphans and disadvantaged children affected by Covid-19 in Vietnam.

"This program aims to support unfortunate children who lost their parent/s because of the pandemic. I hope to use my image and voice to spread the message and meaning of this program, not only to the Vietnamese people but also to international friends. We will empower these children to succeed. And in the future, they can become doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, journalists or even leaders of the country...", said Rösler.

Sharing about his upcoming plans, Rösler said he would return to Vietnam soon, supporting Covid orphans with assistance for comprehensive care. He also plans to further promote cooperation activities, connecting Vietnam with the international startup community.

"No one is left behind," the International Chairman states. Philipp is committed to using his voice through "Care to Rise" to spread the message to the world, seeking out more partners to join with VinaCapital Foundation to provide for these Vietnamese orphan children and to be sure not one is left behind.

Phạm Vân