Foreign woman claims she was raped and robbed in Saigon

By Staff reporters   December 7, 2017 | 08:18 pm PT
She said a strange man took advantage of her when she was drunk.

Police in Saigon are investigating an alleged assault involving a foreign woman who claims she was raped and robbed by a stranger when she was drunk.

The woman, 41, said that she was drunk on a night out on November 18, when a strange man approached her and took her to a hotel in the city, where he raped her and took around $1,700, local media reported.

Police said the woman teaches English in District 7. She has only been identified by her initials S. Y., and her nationality remains unknown.

Camera footage shows a man taking her to the hotel on a motorbike and leaving soon after.

Convicted rapists can receive anything from two years in jail to the death sentence in Vietnam, depending on the seriousness of the attack and the damage caused to the victim.

Police have declined to comment on the case, amid times when there are still arguments that say drunken sex isn’t always rape.

In September 2016, a lenient six-month jail term given to a former Stanford University swimmer for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman caused uproar in California, prompting state lawmakers to pass legislation to ban probation in similar assault cases and expand the definition of rape.

In Vietnam, a Norwegian woman visiting the resort town of Mui Ne accused a local man of raping her when she was drunk, but he said they had consensual sex. Police have been working on the case since March.

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