Flyer releases report system for schools, English centers

By Ngoc Diem   June 20, 2022 | 05:00 am PT
Flyer has recently launched the "Admin Dashboard" app which introduces innovative class management and teaching approaches for international schools and English centers.

The new feature is an education managing solution to let English teachers offer self-study homework to students and efficiently monitor their progress.

According to a Flyer official, English teachers in regular classes must assign exercises and assess student papers by the end of each lesson, which takes a long time. Keeping track of each student's progress is also difficult.

Now, English teachers may simply keep track of each student's learning progress with the new "Admin Dashboard", which includes built-in detailed study reports.

Flyer's administration system saves all users' work automatically while giving marks and results in real-time.

Photo by Flyer

School Dashboard app screen. Photo by Flyer

A teacher account can handle up to five different classes with an unlimited number of students each, all in one platform. Each student also receives a progress report.

Furthermore, each class comes with a private code that grants students access to the class while protecting their personal information from outsiders.

This new feature also allows teachers to download students' test results in order to grade them or update their parents about their progress.

Photo by Flyer

School Dashboard classroom management interface. Photo by Flyer

The dashboard can be incorporated into international schools' educational systems and allows each student to have their own study account (one year, two years, or four years).

"Flyer School Dashboard is an easy-to-use report platform for schools and English centers," Tung Nguyen, founder of Flyer noted.

Photo by Flyer

Student's test results on the Flyer School Dashboard. Photo by Flyer

Flyer is the first Vietnamese-developed Virtual Cambridge and TOEFL Testing Platform, combining new learning methods with gamification to provide a novel approach to learning and practicing English skills.

Flyer has gained the trust of over 70,000 students since its inception in early 2021, and has successfully cooperated with over 100 primary schools and English centers around Vietnam.

Contact for more information on Flyer’s exclusive offers for schools and English centers via Zalo (0868793188) or

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