Flooded schools in central Vietnam rush to get back to normal

By VnExpress   October 16, 2016 | 08:32 pm PT
A clean-up operation is already underway to clear mud and muck from schools.

Less than two months into the school year, a handful of schools in central provinces are already behind schedule after floodwaters wreaked havoc throughout the region.

Cao Ngoc Hoa, head teacher at a secondary school in the central province of Quang Binh, said the water was about four meters high and trying to clear was no small task.

The floods have caused extensive damage and left behind a mess of mud, sludge and garbage.

Dozens of teachers, school officials and students worked together on Sunday to clean up the mess after the floodwaters had subsided. They were rushing against time trying to get the clean-up job done before the sun came out and dried up the mud.

They removed tables and chairs from classrooms and stacked them outside to be cleaned and then left in the sun to dry.

Wooden planks were used to remove mud and debris from the school yard.

Many students volunteered to lend a hand, mopping up as much as they could. Teachers said they have a long road ahead before the school is back to normal.

Flash floods ripped through central Vietnam after torrential rain started on Thursday night and continued throughout the weekend, with Quang Binh Province hardest hit by about 747mm of rain in 24 hours.

Public schools in the affected area had to cancel classes. Many were still closed on Monday and some will be closed for several days while local people struggle to recover from the aftermath.

“We are going to ask more classmates to help us on the clean-up operation so we can get back to school,” said Tran Duc Chung, a ninth grader.

Monday wasn't a normal school day for Chung and his friends as they, along with their teachers, continued to clear the mud from their school. It will be a long process before things are back to normal.












Photo by Nguyen Dong

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