Flight returns from Hanoi runway after passenger gets sick

By Anh Duy   February 10, 2019 | 03:36 am PT
Flight returns from Hanoi runway after passenger gets sick
A flight to Dalat City seen in early morning. Photo by Shutterstock/Moon Le
A Hanoi-HCMC Jetstar flight returned to the bay from the runway on Saturday after a passenger fell sick.

As flight BL771 moved to the runway and readied for takeoff late Saturday afternoon, a female passenger pressed the call button and asked to leave the aircraft, saying she was feeling sick.

Then, after resting for a few minutes, she said she was feeling better and wanted to stay on the aircraft and go to Ho Chi Minh City.

As the aircraft readied for takeoff once again, her arms and legs turned stiff, and the crew decided to return to the bay, or the apron, where the aircraft parks, after asking ground staff to prepare an ambulance for the passenger.

The passenger, about whom no further information has been released, was taken to the Bac Thang Long Hospital near the airport for emergency treatment.

After a thorough examination, the doctor is reported to have said that the passenger was suffering from fatigue due to lack of sleep and overdrinking coffee. She also had just undergone an unspecified surgery. She has recovered after being treated.

Further information about this incident has not been revealed.

Other incidents that have delayed flights in Vietnam of late include one that took place last November, when a Vietjet Air flight made an emergency landing in HCMC after receiving fake warning signals of technical problem.

On October 30, a Vietjet Air plane heading to Busan, South Korea, from Hanoi had to make emergency landing in Hong Kong to check technical issues.

Vietnam has five carriers, namely Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific, VASCO, and Bamboo Airway.

The country's aviation industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The country served 106 million air passengers last year, up 13 percent from a year ago, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

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