Fire destroys Vietnamese market near Czech – Germany border

By Anh Ngoc, Vuong Anh   April 22, 2016 | 11:07 pm PT
A massive fire engulfed a Vietnamese market located near the border between the Czech Republic and Germany, destroying all the stalls.

The fire broke out in one of the shops a few hundred meters from the Czech – German border. Photo:

According to Czech police, the fire broke out at 6:30am on April 21 in one of the shops and quickly spread through adjacent stores devouring flammable materials such as wood and fireworks.

The rooftop of a nearby house used to store fireworks collapsed. The residents inside were able to escape in time without suffering injuries. A witness said that he heard many booms and saw a high plume of smoke.

Six fire trucks were dispatched and firefighters had to remove gas bottles from near the blaze and cool them down in a nearby stream. It took two hours for the fire to be bought under control but it was not fully extinguished until noon.


The fire broke out from one of the shops, about few hundred meters from the Czech – Germany border. Photo:

Czech fire department said the estimated damage from the fire is about 75,000 EUR ($84,000). Daniel Vitek, spokeman of Czech police, said the investigation will be conducted soon with a focus on the storing and verification process of fireworks that are sold at the market.

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