Finger of suspicion points to wastewater plant after fish die en masse in central Vietnam

By Nguyen Dong   July 18, 2017 | 07:48 pm PT
Over 100 tons of fish have turned belly up in fish cages along a river in Da Nang.

Owners of floating fish cages on Co Co River flowing through Da Nang have been left in shock after finding tons of dead fish washed up like this over the past two days. “So far we have lost 100 tons of fish,” a farmer named Tung said.


This area in Ngu Hanh Son District is where 31 households earn a living from 228 fish cages like the one above.


Families have lost thousands of dollars in a country where the average annual income was $2,200 last year.


The dead fish will be destroyed, and authorities have suggested that farmers collect the remaining live fish and move them to another stretch of the river.


The incident occurred near a wastewater treatment plant, which many are blaming for the disaster.

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