Three men arrested for illegal trade of live tiger, frozen bear

By VNA   May 16, 2024 | 07:28 pm PT
Three men arrested for illegal trade of live tiger, frozen bear
Le Van Son (L) is caught when transporting a live tiger on May 11, 2024 in Phu Tho Province. Photo by police
Police in the northern province of Phu Tho have busted a ring involved in the illegal transporting and trading of endangered animals, detaining three men and seizing one live tiger and one frozen bear.

Police have established a special task to combat and dismantle this network since early this year.

Le Van Son, 58, residing in Song Lo District of neighboring Vinh Phuc Province, was caught red-handed while transporting a live tiger weighing approximately 265 kg on May 11.

Son confessed to buying the tiger from Nguyen Van Nhan, 55, residing in central Nghe An Province.

After being summoned, Nhan admitted to purchasing the tiger from Pham Uy Quyen, 34, in Nghe An, and hiring Quyen to deliver the tiger to Son.

At the investigation agency, all three men confessed to their criminal acts.

The investigation agency also seized a frozen bear awaiting transportation for consumption after its search at Son’s house.

The live tiger has been handed over to the Muong Thanh Safari Land Nghe An eco-tourism area and animal sanctuary.

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