Rains to pour in northern, southern Vietnam this week

By Gia Chinh   June 2, 2024 | 11:27 pm PT
Rains to pour in northern, southern Vietnam this week
A flood following heavy rain has swept away a bridge in Yen Bai Province in northern Vietnam in late May. Photo provided to VnExpress
Northern and southern Vietnam regions are expected to see thunderstorms this week, following a string of hot sunny days.

Northern Vietnam was sunny on Sunday, with the highest daytime temperatures at 35-36 degrees Celsius, according to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.

However, starting Monday, rains and gusts are expected to return to the north due to the direct impacts of a low-pressure area. The midlands and the mountains would see the most rains, with high risks of flash floods and erosion. Temperatures in the north would be below 33 degrees.

U.S. weather forecast service AccuWeather anticipated Hanoi's temperatures to be at 27-36 degrees, and the highest daytime temperatures would be at 29-31 degrees starting Tuesday. High-altitude locations like Lao Cai's Sa Pa would record temperatures at 18-23 degrees.

Southern Vietnam and the Central Highlands will see lessened rains due to the weakening monsoon winds on Monday and Tuesday. Sunny days would be prevalent during the time period, with the highest temperatures going up to 35 degrees.

However, starting Wednesday, monsoon winds would return to the area and so will the rain, causing temperatures to drop.

Central Vietnam regions have been seeing hot sunny days, with the highest temperatures going up to 37 degrees due to effects of Foehn winds. This weather pattern, over the Thanh Hoa-Phu Yen area, is likely to persist until the end of Tuesday.

From Tuesday night to Friday, the northern parts of central Vietnam would rain, while the southern part would be sunny during the day, and rainy at dusk.

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