Electrical fault to blame for Taiwanese factory inferno in southern Vietnam - Police

By VnExpress   March 28, 2017 | 01:36 am PT
The fire is estimated to have cost the garment firm at least $13 million so far.

Police in the southern city of Can Tho have reported that an electrical malfunction was behind a massive fire that has been ravaging a Taiwanese garment factory belonging to Kwong Lung-Meko since Thursday last week.

The findings of the investigation were revealed by Colonel Tran Ngoc Hanh from Can Tho Police at a meeting on Tuesday morning.

Local authorities are still trying to deal with the fire, which has been burning for five consecutive days, by moving the remaining goods from the garment factory.

Firefighters have been struggling to completely extinguish the blaze and small pockets continue to break out, raising questions about the effectiveness of their efforts.

In response, Colonel Hanh said the closed-loop design of the factory plus the fire breaking out in its center had made it impossible for firefighters to reach the source of the blaze. He also said it was difficult to deal with flammable materials such as feathers that were stored inside the factory.

Hanh denied rumors that have been circulating among the public and the media that there wasn't enough water to fight the fire. He said some websites had distorted information about the fire and the city's instructions, leading to confusion.

Hanh said authorities are investigating the origin and motives behind these rumors.

The extent of fire is still being calculated by authorities, but it is estimated to have cost garment firm Kwong Lung - Meko at least $13 million so far, including $6 million in structural and equipment damage plus $7 million in materials and goods.

Kwong Lung - Meko specializes in feather processing and garment production. Its factory covers about 17,000 m2 and has more than 1,300 workers in the Tra Noc Industrial Zone, about 15km from downtown Can Tho.

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