HCMC teacher asks students to spank classmate for being late

By Le Nguyen   May 16, 2024 | 10:49 pm PT
HCMC teacher asks students to spank classmate for being late
The front gates of the Nguyen Thi Dieu high school in HCMC. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Quynh
A high school teacher in HCMC allowed six students to spank a classmate for arriving late.

A parent of a 12th grader at the Nguyen Thi Dieu High School on Thursday said the incident happened three days before.

As a student came late to class, the teacher told six other students to use a plastic tube to spank the student. Each of them had to spank their classmate once, and if the strike was deemed not hard enough, the teacher demanded they hit their friend again.

"Even though they were not my kid, I am upset about this," the parent said.

"This form of education is wrong. How will the student’s psyche be affected when they are hit by their friends in front of the whole class?"

Le Thi Minh Ha, vice principal of the school, on Thursday confirmed the incident.

Ha said that there was a session to make sure students have registered for the high school graduation exam properly on May 13. The student in question came to class late, leaving the teacher unable to check their registration. The student had come late to class before.

Following the incident, on May 14, the parent of the student who was beaten in front of the whole class had contacted the school to discuss the matter. The school said the foremost priority is to stabilize the student’s mental condition ahead of the graduation exam, and that it would order the teacher to write a report on what happened.

The beaten student will go to class normally.

"The teacher admitted that what she did was wrong, and that she would accept any form of punishment," Ha said, adding the teacher has taught at the school for 10 years.

The teacher planned to apologize to the student's parents on Friday.

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