Da Nang's popular beach threatened by 9 sewage pipes

By Nguyen Dong   July 30, 2016 | 01:23 am PT
Da Nang's popular beach threatened by 9 sewage pipes
Photo by Nguyen Dong
The coastal city is losing one of its most beautiful beaches.

Thanh Khe beach, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the central city of Da Nang has been severely polluted by wastewater discharged from nine sewage pipes.

“The drainage system in the area was completed over five years ago. Since then flows of black, dirty water have been pouring into the sea at Thanh Khe after every heavy rain or power outage at the treatment plant,” said Tran Dai Nghia, Deputy Chair of the Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula and Tourist Beaches in Da Nang.

On the afternoon of July 29, the Management Board held an emergency meeting with representatives from the environment and tourism deparments and Da Nang Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Company, regarding the pollution at Thanh Khe beach.

According to Nghia, the company in question is responsible for the pollution. So far, it has been dealing with  the problem by simply installing sand bags at the sewer mouths. He said the problem has started to affect local tourism as no one dares to swim at Thanh Khe.


The sea water at Thanh Khe beach is so polluted, no one dares to swim. Photo by Nguyen Dong

In response, the water company admitted they have seen the untreated wastewater pouring out from the pipes during rains and power outages. However, if they stop the flow, it might risk flooding the residential area on the shore.

“We have not found an effective solution yet, what we can do at best is to just limit the foul smell of the water,” said Nguyen Thi My Duc, deputy director of Da Nang Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Company.


The mouth of a sewage pipe at the end of Ton That Dam Street. Photo by Nguyen Dong

Speaking to VnExpress, Nguyen Thanh Mot, 50, from Thanh Khe District said the locals have had to accept the pollution for over 10 years. Even after the city built and upgraded its drainage system, the situation has not got any better as the wastewater isn't treated.

“Wastewater pours out from the pipes every day, and even more so when it rains,” said Mot. "We've also seen dead animals in the water. A few days ago after heavy rain, a vast sea area at the end of Ton That Dam Street where the mouth of a sewage pipe is located was blackened. The smell it gave away was so foul and unbearable.”

According to local residents, whoever wades into the mud covering front of the sewage mouth would get a skin infection. "We have waited for too long, people are discontent.” Mot said. “Wastewater treatment is the government’s job. As locals, we only use the area for fish trade and discharge absolutely no dirty water to the sea."


According to the local residents, the mud covering the front of the sewage mouth can cause skin infections to anyove who is directly exposed it. Photo by Nguyen Dong.

Before Da Nang opened a coastal boulevard, Thanh Khe was one of the most popular beaches in town.

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