Cybersecurity firm Bkav source codes leaked, put on sale for $250,000

By Luu Quy   August 10, 2021 | 06:04 pm PT
Cybersecurity firm Bkav source codes leaked, put on sale for $250,000
A screenshot of data leak forum Raidforums shows a post which put leaked source codes from Bkav on sale. Photo by VnExpress.
The source codes for certain products of major Vietnamese cybersecurity firm Bkav are being offered on sale on a data leak forum for a total of $250,000.

The leaks were recently posted on Raidforums, a forum where hackers display data leaks to sell them. The source codes, for products like antiviruses, are on sale at $10,000-30,000 each.

The source code for an AI program is offered for $100,000.

On August 4 an account on Raidforums named ‘chunxong’ claimed to have successfully hacked into Bkav's servers and its source codes.

It also showed screenshots of the alleged source codes and detailed internal documents of Bkav.

On August 6 the company confirmed the source codes offered on Raidforums are its, but that they are old and the leaks would not affect its customers.

It also claimed the leaks were caused by a former employee of the company, who "collected registration information to gain access into internal chat services, and used them to take screenshots of the internal messages."

This has been happening for over a year, it claimed.

But ‘chunxong’ claimed to have never worked for Bkav and that the leaks were new.

On August 8 the account uploaded additional screenshots apparently showing messages from the company’s internal chat service Vala.

The conversations were from a few days prior to the leaks, contradicting the company’s claims the leaks were "old."

Bkav said an investigation is ongoing, and it would not comment further on the matter.

"Humans are the weakest links when it comes to security, even for a company which specializes in security," a cybersecurity expert said.

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