Hanoi juveniles arm themselves with spears to rob motorcyclists

By Viet Tuan   March 16, 2024 | 10:38 pm PT
Hanoi police have arrested four 15-year-old boys who carried two-meter-long "boar spears" to commit motorbike robberies at night.

Dang Luu Gia Vu, Cao Nguyen Hong Thai, Phung Cam Dao and Le Thanh Tung were apprehended on Saturday night as they attempted to sell a motorbike they had recently robbed.

Over the past 15 days, the four teenagers were accused of committing four different motorbike robberies on the streets of Hoang Mai and Ha Dong Districts.

In one incident on March 14, Dao drove a motorbike carrying Vu, who brought along the spear, at around 2 a.m. along with Thai and Tung on another motorbike on Linh Nam Street.

They stopped two young men on the street and robbed their motorbike.

The group hid the motorcycle at a video game arcade in Hoang Mai District, and later listed it for sale on social media.

Four juveniles threaten people with spears to rob their motorbike in Hanoi on March 15, 2024 as seen in security camera footage.

The four confessed that they had committed three additional robbery incidents, including one on March 15 where they targeted a young man on Le Loi Street of Ha Dong District, threatening him with a knife to open his motorbike’s storage compartment and attempting to rob him.

As the victim stated he had no cash and could only transfer money online, the group eventually left without taking anything.

Another incident on March 5 involved the group chasing three young men on a motorbike, causing them to fall and then stealing their vehicle, which they later sold for VND6 million (US$240).

In early March, they also chased two young men, causing them to fall off their motorcycle, which the group then took and sold for VND5 million.

Hanoi police are expanding their investigation into the gang.

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