Former Indian PM's grandson accused of sexually abusing 400 women

By Duc Trung   May 7, 2024 | 04:47 pm PT
A member of the Indian Parliament, grandson of former Indian Prime Minister Deve Gowda, has been put under an investigation for allegedly sexually abusing and harassing 400 women.

According to investigators, Prajwal Revanna’s mass-sexual assault is evinced by 2,800 video clips of sexual acts he recorded and used as blackmail, British media reported.

Around 2,000 USB drives containing the videos have been spotted in numerous bus and train stations, as well as park benches in Karnataka State, according to authorities.

Revanna himself, who is suspected of having gone into hiding, has not yet commented.

However, an official from his office has denied the accusations, adding that the allegedly incriminating videos had been modified.

Revanna’s political party, Janata Dal, has suspended him following the accusations, BBC reported.

Indian police have said that Revanna has already left the country.

The 33-year-old reportedly used diplomatic passports to travel to Germany, the Times reported, citing its own sources.

Before he left India, Revanna had filed complaints, saying that the videos had been modified and that the accusations were a political attack on him.

One of Revanna’s victims, a former member of the Bangalore City Council in Karnataka, said she was sexually abused by him for three years, and that he threatened to release video clips if she dared tell anyone about what happened.

After the USB drives surfaced to public view, a 47-year-old private chef employed by Revanna’s family, who is also the cousin of Revanna’s mother, allegedly corroborated some of the accusations..

Karnataka authorities have launched a special investigation team, in cooperation with Interpol, to expand the investigation.

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