100 ride-hailing drivers stopped before possible violent brawl in Hanoi

By Viet Tuan   June 3, 2024 | 08:25 pm PT
100 ride-hailing drivers stopped before possible violent brawl in Hanoi
Drivers of ride-hailing firm Be Group suspected of starting and joining a violent brawl are gathered at a police station in Hanoi, May 2024. Photo by police
The Hanoi police have detained 14 drivers of ride-hailing firm Be Group after summoning almost 100 who were about to join a violent brawl.

They said Monday that the 14 are under investigation for "disturbing public order" on suspicion they might have instigated a fight and many other drivers to join.

The incident originated from a Facebook post on May 29.

In the post, the admin of the group "Bebike Hanoi" said "We’re looking forward to tonight’s meetup at the Mai Dich Lake Park between Be 18 (license plate number in the northern Nam Dinh Province) and Be 37 (the central Nghe An Province)," referring to two groups of Be drivers.

Following the post, at around 8 p.m. on May 29 some 100 drivers gathered near the lake "with the intention to fight and settle scores," according to the police.

The crowd dispersed around an hour later when Cau Giay District Police arrived.

But as they left, a flag-bearing vehicle led a convoy of 80-100 vehicles driving at high speeds, riding side by side, weaving, honking continuously, and blocking traffic.

It took another two and a half hours for the police to clear them and identify almost 100 for summoning.

Most of them are young men aged between 18 and 20.

A group administrator claimed the post was only meant to increase interaction and attract members to the group, and there had been no intention of starting a fight.

The police are continuing their investigation.

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