Chinese company abandons 23 crew members in Vietnam

By Giang Chinh   August 16, 2016 | 09:19 pm PT
The distraught sailors have been short of food and water for the last three months.

Hai Phong Port's management board has come to the rescue of 23 crew members abandoned by China’s Jumbo Sino Development Company.


The management board of Hai Phong Port talk with a crew member.

In May, two of the company's tankers docked for repairs at the Nam Trieu Ship Building Company in the northern province of Hai Phong.

The crews on the two ships were made up of 10 Chinese nationals and 13 from Myanmar.


One of the two tankers anchored at Hai Phong Port.

The crews said that since receiving the order to dock for repairs, they haven't been able to contact the company. They also haven’t received their salaries or basic supplies from the company for three months.

The management board at Hai Phong Port has formed a working group to investigate the case and offered the crew food and supplies. It has also asked the Nam Trieu Ship Building Company to provide the abandoned members with water, electricity and fuel.

The case had been reported to the Vietnam Maritime Administration.

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