China sends Interpol sought drug dealer back to Vietnam

By Bao Ngoc, Phuong Son   November 26, 2018 | 06:55 pm PT
China has handed over Nong Van Khoi, an Interpol-sought man linked to a deal involving over 100 kilograms of heroin in Vietnam.

27-year-old Khoi was handed to Vietnamese authorities by Chinese police on Monday. He was hiding from an international arrest warrant on him in connection with the transport of 95 kilograms of heroin in Cao Bang Province near China border.

Nong Van Khoi was handed over to the Vietnamese police. Photo by VnExpress/ Bao Ngoc.

Nong Van Khoi is in Vietnamese police’s custody. Photo by VnExpress/ Bao Ngoc

On the night of February 23, Vietnam’s Drug Enforcement Police under the Ministry of Public Security, in coordination with the Cao Bang police, set up a roadblock to stop trucks driven by Tran Van Bang, 31, and Tran Van Thanh, 30, in Hoa An District, Cao Bang.

Seeing no way to escape, Bang and Thanh drove the vehicles into the roadblock, and threw out many bags and packages in the attempt to escape. The drivers were caught later.

The two suspects told the police they have destroyed the heroin, worth VND57 billion ($2.44 million).

Based on the testimony of the suspects and gathered evidence, police confirmed that Nong Van Khoi played a particularly important role in the shipment.

In July, Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security released a special wanted notice for Khoi, charging him with "illegally trading in narcotics."

Two months later, Interpol also issued a search warrant for him.

Under Vietnam's Penal Code, "illegally stockpiling, transporting, trading in or appropriating narcotics" like heroin or cocaine weighing one hundred grams or more can receive capital punishment.

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