Child abduction prompts police to intensify loudspeaker communications

By Phuong Linh, Lam Le   April 20, 2016 | 11:49 pm PT
Police in Nghe An have been ordered to intensify communal loudspeaker communications regarding child abductions after a five-year-old was taken in Xa Luong commune and a three-year-old narrowly escaped the same day in Hoa Binh town.

Hotels and hostels in Nghe An province, on the north central coast, are being searched in an attempt to find the girl and return her to her parents.

According to Lin Thi Nguyen, the girl’s mother, people in the village often invite her daughter over for a meal and a sleepover. The day she went missing, Nguyen went looking for her but to no avail.

The other incident involving the three-year-old occurred in the street. Fortunately, the family noticed a stranger attempting to take the child and chased after them. They abandoned the child as they made their getaway.

In response to the abductions, a kindergarten in Dien Tho commune issued a warning yesterday telling parents to keep an eye out for people disguised as vendors or grandparents hanging around schools. The school said that only parents, grandparents or siblings aged over 18 may pick the children up from school from now on.

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