Businessman caught selling fake Covid-19 test results

By Song Minh   August 12, 2021 | 03:49 am PT
Businessman caught selling fake Covid-19 test results
Tran Tan Duong (R) is questioned at a police station in Bac Ninh Province for selling fake Covid test papers. Photo by Bac Ninh police
A company director in the northern Bac Ninh Province has been detained for forging and selling over 150 fake Covid-19 test results for VND150,000-250,000 ($6.58-11) each.

Tran Tan Duong, 34, director of the Thien Nhan Printing Design company, has been detained for allegedly fabricating organizations' seals or documents to sell fake Covid-19 papers, provincial police said Thursday.

Duong was caught red-handed Wednesday, selling six fake Covid-19 test papers to a man in Bac Ninh for VND1 million. Several fake Covid-19 test papers and other documents were seized.

Duong has reportedly confessed that he spotted a profit-making opportunity when he saw how workers and drivers needed Covid-19 test papers to pass through checkpoints in areas with social distancing measures in place.

He first collected real Covid-19 test papers, scanned them and saved them digitally. He modified their template on his computer and used it to fill in personal information of his customers, before printing them out and faking official signatures. The forgery was done at his own company.

Police say Duong has forged and sold around 150 fake Covid-19 test papers selling them for between VND150,000-250,000 apiece.

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