Blackout to aid egg-laying turtles on Con Dao

By Truong Ha   April 21, 2022 | 06:00 am PT
Blackout to aid egg-laying turtles on Con Dao
A turtle lays eggs in Con Dao's Hon Cau Island, Ba Ria-Vung Tau. Photo courtesy of Con Dao National Park
Con Dao National Park off the southern coast has requested turning off surveillance camera lights on an island to not affect egg-laying turtles.

Nguyen Khac Pho, director of Con Dao National Park, on Wednesday said surveillance cameras were installed about a week ago in several locations to protect seafood resources and prevent boats from illegally docking.

However, on Hon Cau Island, the cameras were installed next to an area where turtles often lay eggs. As turtles are sensitive to light, the cameras, which are automatically turned on at night, could prevent them from reaching the shore to lay their eggs.

The national park has since requested the unit responsible for operating the cameras to turn off the lighting.

Con Dao, an archipelago and district of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, spans over 75 square kilometers and has 16 islands. It is home to a large turtle population. Mating season usually lasts from April to October, with thousands heading for shore to lay eggs.

Since 1995, over 300,000 baby turtles have been released back to the sea on Con Dao.

Five turtle species are listed in Vietnam's Red Book of endangered animals, the green, hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback, and olive ridley.

They are threatened by pollution and loss of nesting areas due to coastal development, among other factors.

They are protected, and hunting or trading any of them is a crime.

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