Be ‘accurate, objective’ with history, Vietnam tells China

By Vu Anh   October 7, 2021 | 06:52 am PT
Be ‘accurate, objective’ with history, Vietnam tells China
A still from Chinese drama series "Ace Troops".
Vietnam has stressed the need for looking at history ‘accurately and objectively’ and for countries to build a future of friendly, cooperative, equitable development of all nations.

Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang made this comment Thursday while responding to questions about a Chinese TV series that is allegedly premised upon inaccurate history and wrongful depictions.

She said Vietnam requests that China properly abides by the "mutual awareness of high-level leadership" of both countries regarding "friendly and objective propaganda that fosters societal foundations beneficial for the development of both countries' relations."

The historical inaccuracies were detected after comments made on social media platform Bidu regarding a trailer for a TV serial called "Ace Troops" described the story as being set in the 1980s when "the Vietnamese army was getting stronger... and launching invasions into China."

Chinese website Manyanu said the series was about "Chinese soldiers in a self-defence counterattack against Vietnam," which is completely contrary to facts.

Vietnamese netizens have pointed out that the clothes worn by the actors in the trailer match those of Chinese soldiers when they invaded Vietnam in 1979.

Hang said Vietnam's consistent stance on historical issues is to "look towards the future" and to look at history accurately and objectively.

Vietnam desires practical actions that contribute to friendly and cooperative relationships between and development of all countries in the world, she added.

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