Bank robbed in Da Nang in one minute

By Nguyen Dong   April 20, 2023 | 06:09 am PT
A VietinBank branch in Da Nang’s Hai Chau District was robbed by a man on Thursday within one minute.

The suspect stopped his motorbike in front of the bank at around 11 a.m., rushed inside and then closed the roller door behind him. There were six people inside the branch at the time, including employees and security guards.

A security guard said the robber wore black clothes, with a gun in one hand and an electric baton in the other. He threatened the guards, then requested employees to put money inside plastic bags.

The entire ordeal happened within around a minute.

Locals nearby said the suspect rode a grey Yamaha Grande motorbike. The license plate numbers were recorded and communicated to the police.

No one was harmed during the robbery. The exact amount of money stolen is being verified.

Camera footage shows a man robbing a Vietinbank branch in Da Nang, April 20, 2023.

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