Banana plant in central Vietnam produces 350 hands in one bunch

By Hung Le   October 17, 2019 | 03:30 am PT
Banana plant in central Vietnam produces 350 hands in one bunch
A snow banana plant with 350 hands in one bunch in Ha Tinh Province. Photo by VnExpress/Hung Le.
A three-meter tall banana tree in Ha Tinh Province has produced a two-meter bunch with over 350 hands.

Dam Thi Loan, a resident in Son Hong Commune, Huong Son District, said her family had to use wooden poles to support the plant and dig a bigger hole so it can continue bearing more bananas.

Loan said she bought snow banana seeds during a trip to northern Vietnam two years ago. 

"This is the first year it bears fruits. There were 150 hands in the beginning. Now it has over 350 hands and the number is expected to reach 400," she said.

The tree trunk is about 3.5 m tall and 30 cm wide in diameter. The first bananas are now ripe, but more hands are developing.

Agricultural experts believe mutation plus fertile oil caused this phenomenonal yield.

A normal banana plant can produce up to 15 hands in one bunch.

Last year, a banana tree produced 220 hands in one bunch in the south central province of Phu Yen Province.

While similar plants have been reported elsewhere, this natural phenomenon is still able to gain lots of the public's interests.

For nearly a month, many people have been coming to Loan's home to check out the unusual plant.

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