Authorities euthanize dog that attacked British tourist

By Minh Nga   February 22, 2023 | 09:00 pm PT
Authorities euthanize dog that attacked British tourist
The Alabai dog that attacked a British tourist in Nha Trang Town on February 19, 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Chinh Toan
A dog that bit a British tourist in central beach town Nha Trang has been put down by local authorities.

The Alabai belonged to the family of Do Xuan Tung, who live on October 23rd Street in Vinh Hiep Commune, local media reports said.

The animal, which weighed 50 kilograms and stood 65 centimeters tall, attacked the 19-year-old Briton, Paul Staker Zachary, when he had been walking with a friend, also a foreigner, along the street last Sunday, and bit him on his arms and legs.

He fell on the street and screamed for help. His friend tried to chase away the dog but was also attacked. The two were brought to Khanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital.

Doctors there said Zachary had two long wounds in his right hand, a severed muscle in his right biceps, and injuries in his left hand and right thigh.

After surgery and stitches, he was transferred to the Orthopedic Trauma Center for monitoring in stable condition.

His friend only had superficial injuries.

As local police looked into the case, it was revealed that the dog had attacked several others in the past. With Tung’s family’s consent, authorities destroyed the animal after first sedating it.

Nha Trang authorities are planning to set up dog squads to capture all unleashed dogs on the streets.

Dog attacks are not rare in Vietnam. Public opinion is divided on the matter of muzzling dogs in public, with many owners not comfortable with the idea but others saying it is needed to ensure safety.

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