Asia applauds Vietnam’s football feat

By Staff reporters   August 27, 2018 | 10:09 pm PT
Asia applauds Vietnam’s football feat
Vietnam's football team greets fans after their quarterfinal victory at Asian Games on Monday. Photo by VnExpress/Lam Thoa
Vietnam's men's football team and their coach have won high praise from across the continent.

Their historic entry into the semifinals of the Asian Games 2018 has caught admiring attention from several countries in the region.

Fox Sports Asia based in Hong Kong described the 108th-minute goal by Nguyen Van Toan, which saw Vietnam beat Syria in the quarterfinals on Monday, as “perfectly placed to finish into the unguarded net.”

Thai news outlet Thai Rath commented that Vietnam has shocked the whole of Southeast Asia with its victory.

Siam Sport of Thailand stressed the importance of Toan’s goal in Vietnam making footballing history, entering the semifinals of the Asian Games.

Vietnam is the only Southeast Asian team that has entered the game's quarterfinals.

Vietnam’s South Korean coach, Park Hang-seo, has become one of the most searched names across multiple media outlets in his home country.

South Korean newspaper JoongAng has called him “Miracle Park,” noting the immediate impact he has had on the team after he took over as Vietnam’s head coach last October.

Fox Sports noted that Park Hang-seo will face a tough test in the semifinal round when Vietnam meet defending champions South Korea.

In an piece published earlier on Tuesday, Korean news agency Yonhap wrote that coach Park will be in an “awkward position” in the next match when Vietnam will face Korea in the semifinal on Wednesday.

“I love my fatherland and I always want the best for South Korea. But now, as head coach of the Vietnamese team, I have a responsibility to do my best to help Vietnam battle into the final round,” Park Hang-seo told the press on Monday night after the victory over Syria.

In a recent interview with VnExpress, South Korea’s coach Kim Hak-bum said: “Park created a balanced team. I am looking forward to our next match.”

The two are long-time friends who coached different teams in the K-League competition.

Park expects that the match between Vietnam and South Korea will be “a breathtaking match.”

Vietnam’s Asian Games 2018 semifinal match will be played at 4 p.m. on August 29.

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