American $1.35B jackpot winner accused of making false promise of sharing with family

By Minh Nga   May 16, 2024 | 05:31 pm PT
The family of a Mega Millions prize owner told the court he had promised to buy a house for his father, establish a trust fund worth millions of dollars, and fund medical expenses for his father and stepmother, but failed to do so.

In November that year, he sued his ex-girlfriend for allegedly violating a "non-disclosure agreement" when telling his family members about the news of winning the lottery.

The woman sued back. In her lawsuit revealed on May 10 by the court, the winner's father supported her and made further accusations against his son.

The jackpot is among the largest in U.S. history. Despite this, the winner's identity is still hidden, as he collected their approximate $500 million lump sum payment through a limited liability company after taxes.

He bought the ticket in Maine on Jan. 13 last year.

According to their agreement, she cannot reveal the information about the jackpot winning to anyone until their daughter's 18th birthday in 2032, The Independent reported.

However, in court documents published recently, the former girlfriend claimed in another lawsuit that he was the one who revealed the jackpot to his family, not her.

His family confirmed her statement and accused him of going against his words in that lawsuit.

"February or March of 2023, my son came to my house... and informed me and my wife that he won a large amount of money in the Maine State Lottery," his father wrote in the court documents, The Daily Beast reported.

The father insists he never requested any money from his son.

However, the winner voluntarily offered series of generous promises, including constructing a garage for his father to restore old cars, purchasing his childhood home, establishing a million-dollar trust fund, and covering upcoming medical costs for his father and stepmother.

The father further alleged that his son demanded he stop communicating with the ex-girlfriend, causing a quarrel between them last year.

Since then, the father claims he has had no contact with his son, and none of the promised actions have been fulfilled.

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