Airport guard fined $450 for punching Chinese passenger

By Doan Loan   May 5, 2016 | 11:39 pm PT
Airport guard fined $450 for punching Chinese passenger
Image of the clash recorded by a client in the night of May 2.
Aviation authorities yesterday fined a security guard $450 for beating a Chinese passenger at Cam Ranh International Airport four days ago.

On May 5, authorities concluded that security guard Nguyen Van Thai's actions had gone beyond reasonable force. Following the decision, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam decided to suspend and fine Thai VND10 million ($450).

On the evening of May 2, flight number VN 462 to Hong Kong was delayed due to air traffic issues at its destination. Passengers were kept waiting for a prolonged period in the isolated area designated for international flights at Cam Ranh International Airport, and their frustration boiled over into anger as some started to shout in Chinese and jump on the benches. One male passenger attempted to steal a baton from a member of security, but he was swiftly overpowered and taken away. During the melee, security guard Thai punched the Chinese passenger in the back.

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