AIA Vietnam launches Personal Medical Case Management service

By Anh Nguyen   July 21, 2020 | 06:00 pm PT
Changing from the traditional ‘payer’ to ‘partner’ in its customers’ life journey, AIA is introducing for the first time ever in Vietnam the Personal Medical Case Management service.

Wayne Besant, CEO of AIA Vietnam, shared the reason of launching Song Hanh Y Te.

Song Hanh Y Te, that it is launching in an exclusive partnership with global healthcare services provider Medix Group, seeks to support those who suffer from cancer and other serious illnesses.

Following the success of its Healthier 100 product launched earlier this year, Song Hanh Y Te represents another step in the company’s unceasing commitment to its customers and fulfillment of its brand promise to Vietnam, AIA said in a release.

The Personal Medical Case Management service will support AIA customers in combating cancer and other serious illnesses, guiding them through the entire process from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

Wayne Besant, CEO of AIA Vietnam, said: "AIA Vietnam wants to go beyond the traditional concept of payer to partner with our customers in life. This is tangible and meaningful, and we will continue to lead this innovation in our market.

"We again pioneer new services and are launching Personal Medical Case Management service in Vietnam. We believe this service can help customers get a better understanding of their medical condition and gain access to viable medical options in the treatment of cancer and other critical illnesses."

In addition to paying insurance through protection products, the company is also focused on supporting its customers in every way possible, especially at a time when urgent medical support is crucial.

"Our goal is to help customers make the most informed decision possible about their health and ensure peace of mind through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment," Besant added.

Sigal Atzmon, founder and CEO of Medix Group, said the Vietnam launch of Personal Medical Case Management service represents another significant step forward in Medix’s partnership with AIA.

"The service will elevate health coverage to a new level in Vietnam. Our goal is to guide customers through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment of their medical condition, provide access to the world’s leading experts and ensure they receive the most professional and appropriate treatment.

"The journey is often an intense one, and our dedicated teams from around the world provide 24/7 counseling for our patient’s mental and emotional well-being. We ensure service quality at all stages, and for all eventualities," Atzmon said.

Medix was established in 2006 and serves clients in 90 countries around the world. It has a network of over 4,000 leading medical specialists worldwide and 2,000 leading hospitals across Europe, the U.S. and Asia.


Luu Ky Nam, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer shared the highlights of Song Hanh Y Te.

The Personal Medical Case Management has helped patients around the world not only obtain the correct diagnosis and optimize treatment but also minimize unnecessary medical care and avoid complications.

AIA customers will be supported by a dedicated Medix case management team and enjoy access to leading specialists including doctors, nurses, coordinators, and medical interpreters.

The team will accompany, consult directly and support 24/7 AIA Vietnam customers during the course of their treatment for a minimum period of three months, with the possibility of additional months if necessary.

The service seeks to allow patients to save time, optimize their treatment plan, reduce stress, and be confident that they are receiving the best possible care.

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