400-kilogram war bomb unearthed in Vietnam

By Khanh Huong   October 4, 2016 | 12:01 am PT
400-kilogram war bomb unearthed in Vietnam
A bomb of one meter long found in Da Lat. Photo by VnExpress/Khanh Huong
The bomb was found two meters from a main road in the Central Highlands resort town Da Lat.

A bomb weighing 400 kilograms left from the Vietnam War was safely removed from a family's garden in the Central Highlands town of Da Lat on Monday.

The family discovered the bomb, of more than one meter long, when digging the ground with a bulldozer for construction work. It was only two meters from the main road.

Authorities confirmed that the bomb was left from the Vietnam War.

Unexploded ordnance left from the war still threatens a fifth of land mass across Vietnam, most in the central region.

Explosions occur frequently, killing more than 1,500 people a year and maiming and injuring 2,200 more, according to official data.

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