26 Vietnamese citizens in oil tanker seized by Iran

By Viet Anh   November 4, 2021 | 05:48 am PT
26 Vietnamese citizens in oil tanker seized by Iran
Vietnamese-flagged oil tanker MV Sothys off the coast of Singapore in May 2021. Photo courtesy of Fleetmon
Vietnamese authorities are working with Iran to verify the identities of crew members of the MV Southys seized by Iran last month.

Pham Thu Hang, deputy spokeswoman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said Thursday that the crew members were in good health.

On October 27, the captain of the MV Southys, a Vietnamese-flagged oil tanker that was seized by Iran in the Gulf of Oman, told the Vietnamese embassy in Iran that all 26 Vietnamese crew members were being treated well and in "normal" health.

According to the AP news service, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard troops took control of the MV Southys on October 24.

Maritime data shows that the most recently registered owner of the Sothys is the Hanoi-based OPEC Petroleum Transport Company.

Vietnam's foreign ministry has discussed the issue with the Iranian embassy in Hanoi. Its delegation in Iran is also working with Iranian authorities to verify information and resolve the matter while ensuring safety and humanitarian treatment of Vietnamese nationals.

The ministry has contacted Vietnam's Ministry of Transport to identify the crew members, requesting that the vessel's owner acts to secure the rights of Vietnamese workers abroad.

Hang said that the foreign ministry and its embassy in Iran will continue to follow developments and work closely with Iranian authorities to resolve this issue in accordance with the law.

"We will enact necessary measures to safeguard the rights and interests of Vietnamese nationals," she said.

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